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Back Office Tasks

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Does this sound familiar:

Do you spend precious time on your office tasks, when you would be more valuable to your business providing and marketing your product or service?

- or -

Do you let your office tasks pile up so bills are not paid in time to take advan­tage of valuable discounts?  Receivables not collected as expected, interrupting your cash flow?

- or -

Do you outsource to several individuals to accomplish your office tasks?  Spending valuable time coordinating their activities?

Let OfficeTasks perform your bookkeeping and other back office tasks.  

We are professionals who promptly familiarize ourselves with your busi­ness to add value immediately.  

There is no overhead as we work remotely.  Your savings in time and expenses can quickly exceed the cost of our services.   We communicate via periodic meetings, telephone, fax and/or e-mail around your schedule.

You are the experts at your business.  

We are the experts at your back office.